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Framing Timbers

Our Core Product is Stress-Tested Verified Structural Framing timber known as SG8.

This is available in the various timber preservative treatments –

  • H1.2 & H3.2 – Wall framing, floor and ceiling framing, roof trusses.


We are a Licensed Producer under the Verified Timber quality assurance programme. This means we are certified to produce SG6 & SG8 Grades in the following sizes and that the timber is certified as meeting the Verified Timber standards –

  • 70mm x 45mm, 90mm x 45mm, 140mm x 45mm, 190mm x45mm, 240mm x 45mm & 290mm x 45mm


Download the PDF for more information on our Building Product Information Sheet Structural Timber.


PDF.pngBuilding Product Information Sheet Structural Timber 13Nov23.pdf (202 KB)