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Our Facilities


Located at Ngahere in the Grey Valley on the West Coast, we cut locally grown Pinus Radiata Pruned and Unpruned logs sourced from Ngai Tahu Forest Estates.


Westimber holds FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certification which means our timber products are derived from a responsibly managed forest.


The logs are milled into the various timber grades - Clears and Appearance, Verified Structural Framing, and other lower grades such as No.2 Framing, Merch & Industrial/Boxing. The timber is then processed through the different stages for end-product.



Kiln Drying

We complete the kiln drying of our timber on site at Ngahere for all purposes – dryframe, pre-treating, dressed interior timbers.



Treatment Plant

Our fully certified Plant is capable of completing the following timber preservative treatments – 

  • H1.2 – Wall framing, floor and ceiling framing, roof trusses
  • H3.2 – Decking, Palings, Rails, Joists, Bearers
  • H4 - Posts, Retaining Wall, Bridge Timbers



Timber Machining

All types of timber, dry and wet, can be dressed to custom specifications, up to 300mm wide.

Christchurch Outlet

Our timber yard situated at 15 Broughs Road, Harewood, sells direct to the public.